As an institution centred on the creation and dissemination of knowledge, the institute serves as a melting pot of ideas and best practices that enrich the educational journey of its students and members.


In keeping abreast with the global needs and changing market demands, we have cultivated synergistic alliances with various local and international organisations, including universities, governmental sectors and corporate organisations to implement  an industry-relevant curriculum, closely based on research and linked to global  market outcomes.


These strategic partnerships encourage continuous professional learning and provide opportunities for our students  and members to meet and engage with some of the top organisations and industry leaders, to enhance the students’ educational experience. Thus, we are  able to play a proactive role in not only transforming but constantly elevating the learning process.


Our partners’ international presence ensures that our study centre community is kept abreast of the latest global trends in the respective industries. Through our three areas of focus, we are able to align fundamental theories with research activities and the industry’s needs, to create informed graduates who can significantly impact the community.


Research & Innovation


Certified Institute of Hospitality Tourism and Management has a firm footing in research and innovation as we believe these efforts can contribute towards knowledge building as well as assist in the development of the industry and society at large.

As an Institute centred on research and innovation initiatives, we adopt a progressive outlook, embedding research components throughout our programmes and encouraging them at various levels in each faculty. Our students and faculty members engage extensively in “applied research”, which enhances the body of knowledge and creates a direct impact on real world applications.

All academic staff appointed at the professional  level actively undertake research within the institution or in collaboration with industries or universities, either foreign or local. This research work shapes the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, feeding into the practical application of that knowledge, and ultimately informs and enhances teaching at institute’s.


The Future of Hospitality Education


The hospitality, tourism and culinary arts sectors are growing  at an exponential pace and  CIHTM’s College of Hospitality, Tourism  and Management prides itself on matching every stride  of this growth. With its dynamic programmes and outlook, it is obvious why CIHTM leads the way for hospitality education in Africa.  The facts are clearly in the figures for this achievement and CIHTM continues to raise the bar as a highly-admired award-winning  institution.


From its inception, the institute has grown to be the largest and most established hospitality and tourism management institute in the region.  With over 8,000 members, we pride ourselves in developing skills, strengthening character and work  ethics, whilst challenging our students’ and members’  intellectual and creative curiosity.


This results in a steady stream of  industry-ready graduates capable of delivering excellent performance in  the challenging sectors of hospitality and tourism management.


With the distinction of being a thought leader, the institute takes on a balanced approach to theoretical and practical experiences within the industry. These include understanding the scope of operations and facilities, as well as processes and management systems that can elevate service levels and enhance performance to meet clients’ needs.


With the fast growth and tremendous opportunities available in the hospitality and tourism industry throughout the world, there is a great demand for professionals with management skills, industry expertise, and international experience, to helm the industry.


To offer students and members the best opportunities, our industry-acclaimed  professional  Diplomas and Professional Postgraduate Diplomas are presented in collaboration with international partners. We have forged synergistic alliances with international Universities, American Hospitality  Academy, Institute of Hospitality Uk and host of others.

With a track record of excellence spanning over  the years, our spirit  of research and innovation  continues to set the pace for further developments in hospitality, tourism and culinary arts.


Why Hospitality, Tourism  and Culinary Arts at institute’s ? Certified ’s College of Hospitality, Tourism and Management offers dual award and professional diploma programmes in collaboration with tertiary institutions respectively. A quality review committee, comprising academics from both institutions, is established for quality assurance and moderation of the standards of the programmes, which includes curriculum and assessments. Students will receive certification from both CIHTM and the partner institution in USA and UK, upon completion of their diploma or Professional Diploma programmes at  the institute.


The role played by the industry in fundamental aspects of the curriculum assists in fostering strong collaborations. This is evident through CIHTM’s synergistic relationship with the industry, and the involvement of industry partners in all  aspects of the institute.


Our Vision

To be the Preferred Institute Learning Solutions Provider Globally.

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Our Mission

To advance the Science of hospitality tourism and management in Nigeria, pioneering a multi-disciplinary emphasis in the production of well rounded, well blended, and well-honed professionals, profound in knowledge, skillful in practice, and ethical in conduct.

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