The table below presents the list of courses to be taken from  CIHTM, and from AHA world campus, and the number of units to be completed per category of courses, for a total of 65 units. Completion of these combined courses and industry application experience allows, mastery of the intended learning outcomes for the Diploma  in international Hospitality leadership (AHA) , Diploma in Business for International Hospitality and Tourism, Diploma in Finance and Business Planning for International Hospitality and Tourism, Diploma in Human Resources for International Hospitality and Tourism, Diploma in Marketing and Sales for International Hospitality and Tourism and Diploma in Professional Development for International Hospitality and Tourism and Professional Postgraduate Diploma and Advanced Diploma in: Events Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Travel & recreation Management.


AHA Online Course and Cultural Laboratory

 Business Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry (BCHT)

This 10 module course covers areas of communication currently used in conducting business effectively. It provides an overview of the channels of communication and elements of communication  – both verbal and non-verbal.  This course covers the different ways by which business communication is undertaken, where specific skills need to be developed as necessary tools for business success. These include: making effective presentations, written communication, business correspondence, the art of listening and reading comprehension.

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism (IHT)

14 module introductory course provides an overview of the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry, its growth and development, industry segments and their distinguishing characteristics, trends and current concerns. Students are introduced to career opportunities and the employability skills needed to succeed in specific hospitality fields.

Hospitality Professional Course (HPC)

This 8 module course emphasizes the importance o f personal leadership development as you can not begin to lead others until you can first lead yourself. HPC identifies the basics work ethics and principles that are essential for any service professional to develop and demonstrate in order to provide outstanding service to their customers.  HPC inspires participants to develop a more positive attitude, strong character, an appreciation for the benefits of effective communication and cultural understanding.

Hospitality Supervisor Course (HSC)

As a supervisor, effective supervisory skills are essential to maintaining a positive environment at work.  A great supervisor needs ‘hard’ skills to improve systems and ‘soft’ skills’ to effectively coach and improve people.  This  8 module course teaches both in order to succeed in a high-performance workplace, a great supervisor needs to develop both these skills to help maintain and lead a winning team.

Managing Diversity in a Multicultural Workplace (MDC)

There is no one road map on how to approach cultural diversity issues. Strategies deemed effective in one situation may not work exactly the same way, given the same situation in another context. This course, consisting of  1 0 modules, provides an understanding of culture with the development of key management skills, allowing a   manager or a prospective manager to develop a range of core skills,  guided by management principles that can be effectively applied in different situations.

International Hospitality Leadership is concerned with the reception and entertainment guests with liberality and goodwill. This program will prepare students for a management career in lodging establishments, restaurants, travel and tourism segments. It plays a vital role in developing future hospitality practitioners throughout the world, it will showcase knowledge, skills, world-class leadership and administration in the development of international hospitality and operations.   Recipients of this Diploma acquire additional qualification on top of this AHA Diploma.


Summary of units and requirements

  • 65 Combined academic units from both institutions
  • 300 hours industry practicum and skills validation
  • Passed 120items of comprehensive examination

All courses have been specifically designed for CIHTM students who aspire to lead in the 21st  century.

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